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Warehouse Shelves

Technical information & quality

Pimseal is committed to the highest standards of quality and assurance. We supply in accordance with leading industry standards including:


Over 40 years of supply has enabled us to know which materials are most suitable, which production methods most reliable, and which testing procedures are appropriate. Our staff are continuously training across all areas of supply and conformance.

Our goal is total service through integrated seal supply:

Pimseal have a policy of ongoing quality improvement and utilises contemporary methodologies such as statistical process control, Kaisan and Six Sigma. More recently large investments have been made for camera inspection ensuring zero defect - a request made by more and more customers.

Bespoke Seal Design

Seal design.jpg

Compound Development & Testing

Precision Manufacturing & Quality Control

Inventory Management


IS09001   ISO14001   AS9100  

IATF16949   ISO14464   ISO13485


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