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Pimseal products & solutions

Pimseal supplies millions of custom precision rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings each year. We solve difficult technical problems with a range of solutions. Whether you are looking for a new product or are having challenges with your existing seals, we can supply the right product for your application. 

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Pimseal supplies custom O-rings for demanding environments and applications. We design and propose products based on customer requirements relating to application, chemical compatibility, temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements, durometer, dimensional constraints and cost.

We also carry thousands of items in stock across a range of materials and dimensions.

Bonded seals

Bonded Seals allow reliable high and low pressure sealing. Pimseal can offer a wide variety of solutions including self-centring and bespoke.

Bonded seal 2.jpg
Custom moulded.jpg

Custom moulded products

Pimseal offers custom moulded parts in rubber and PTFE, produced to customer drawings across a variety of materials.

Back-up rings

Installed to prevent extrusion of seals. Available in rubber or PTFE, in standard or bespoke configurations.

Back up ring.png

Quad rings (X-rings)

Available in Nitrile and FKM to BS1806/AS 568A. This seal allows for lower friction and is often interchangeable with standard o-rings and groove configurations. 

Gaskets and washers

Precision custom gaskets stamped or cut from high quality sheet rubber or foam to your specification. Square and rectangle rings - lathe cut from tube or stamped in a variety of materials.

Rubber gasket.jpg

Extrusions, cord, tube and custom profiles

O-Ring cord, hot vulcanised seals, custom profiles in a wide variety of materials.

Encapsulated O-rings

Encapsulated O-rings made from either silicone, FKM or EPDM with an FEP or PFA jacket. High chemical resistance and low friction. 


Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

Piston seals, rod seals, scrapers, wear rings and rotary seals. Available for reciprocating, rotary and static applications.

Surface treatments

Pimseal offers a range of advanced coatings that are designed to reduce friction. Film coatings are often specified in order to ease assembly force, whereas more permanent surface treatments such as PTFE can reduce running friction.

PTFE coatings can also be pigmented in a variety of colours to provide positive identification.

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